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European seminar of media education


Abrigada (Lisbon - Portugal), June 1 – 5, 2011

The role of media in today's society is ever-increasing in all areas. Today, a lack of knowledge of media and its dynamics can be seen as a new form of social exclusion.
Young people in particular, easily use the new media network, but often without sufficient expertise for a wise use, one that is more attentive, more critical and more fruitful.

The project News & You aims to develop these skills within a perspective of lifelong learning, to provide, in the rapid and continuous technological and cultural evolution, not only ideas but also methodologies that enable a continuation of learning over time.

In particular, we seek to discover together the value of good communication for democracy and the common good, for peace and development, for the enrichment of different cultures, and for solidarity.

Simultaneously in active, international, and intercultural workshops, we will practice how to best use media and new media to create a high quality of information and content.

It is important that not only young people be in attendance but also their educators who, acquiring some necessary competence for the teaching of media education, can then duplicate the format of the News & You seminar in other settings. Thus the seminar is intended to be a prototype.

The seminar will be curated by Professor Luciano Di Mele in collaboration with the  Università Telematica Internazionale (UNINETTUNO) in Rome, where Di Mele is a member of the faculty.


- Thursday, June 1, 2011 from 9:30 am through lunch on Sunday, June 5

- at Abrigada (Lisbon - Portugal) in the Cidadela Arco-Íris of the Focolare Movement

- Young people from 17 years of age and their educators. Prerequisite: a minimum of computer knowledge.

- a theory course that will provide the competence necessary to enter the multi-media world, in which there will be analysis of the functions of reader, writer, critic, observer and citizen.
- Workshops in journalism, the web, advertising, and photography/video in order to learn the best uses of these mediums that today are available to everyone.
- A working-trip to Lisbon in which the young people, accompanied by professionals, will spend the day practicing what they have learned in an experience of Citizen Journalism, thereby learning to be active participants in communications.
- A closing evening, open to the public, where the students' work projects will be presented, and then posted online via webTV

- Simultaneous translation in all languages of the participants.

- Full board (room with several beds for the entire conference) fee + partecipation fee: 200 € / person
- Full board (single room for the full conference) fee + partecipation fee: 250 € / person

Additional services (optional):
- Taxi liaison between the airport and venue of the seminar: Car, five-seats (driver +4): 50 €
- Minibus 8 seats (driver + 7): 55 €

- online
- or mailing the completed registration form to the office of NetOne

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