The Commission of Cinema and TV of NetOne  invites you to take part in a process of  selection for a week long seminar for students in screenwriting or young professionals in the field, from the 18th - 23rd of June, in Sassone, Italy (close to Rome).

Following each session those who wish may speak personally with the professional staff available to analyse more deeply their professional formation and examine in greater depth their projects.

In order to participate in the selection there must be sent by May 8th the following material to:

NetOne - Via Piave 15, 00046 Grottaferrata (Rome) Italy, Attention:  Seminar for cinema/tv


a.       Curriculum vitae

b.       Letter regarding your motivation for participating

c.       One of the following:

1.       a story line for a short (maximum 2 pages)

2.       a short fiction produced (mail in 3 copies DVD or VHS)

3.       a documentary  

4.       an idea for a television format

5.       a picture story ("reportage fotografico")

6.       a script for a short


Please send asap by email material "a" and "b" to netone @, Attention:  Seminar for cinema/tv. 

Instead material in DVD or VHS must be sent by mail to the address above. The material submitted will be reviewed by members of the commission who are professionals in the field.

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