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di Paolo Aversano

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MovistarAn excessive ambition of intentions can create complications in many scientific fields, in politics, in economics, but not in the advertising sector.
Multiplicity, one of the 5 points highlighted by Calvino in American Lessons, is a key point of every good commercial: weaving together several different suggestions and emotions in 1 minute, offering a dynamic picture of a whatever product/service.

di Paolo Aversano

Take your soul everywhere, and come back

OroSaiwaFor the first time in 2 years I present a commercial that we already watched and analyzed previously. I see a link between this production by Yamaha and “American Lessons” of Italo Calvino, the study I’m considering recently.
This week I stress the third point of his American Lessons: Accuracy. This concept has 3 principal characteristics: “… a blueprint well defined and calculated; the evocation of Visual images clear, sharp, memorable…” and a language extremely precise, but rich in colors and imagination at the same time.  Calvino is genial in the research of the compromise between linguistic precision and research of artistic refinement, and the idea of accuracy is a principle that can inspire not only every writer, but also the field of advertising.

di Paolo Aversano


CampariIn 1985 Italo Calvino presented “American Lessons”, a set of 5 words necessary for a better understanding of the current literature, magnificent study rich in imagination and with several multidisciplinary links.

Advertising can be influenced by Calvino’s suggestions, as I showed some months ago in the analysis of Lightness, topic of the 1st conference.
Quickness is the second formula pinpointed by Calvino. “The century of motorization imposed the speed as a measurable value, whose records mark the history of progress in machinery and men” (I. Calvino). This scenario presented by the Italian writer takes into account the world of advertising indirectly, and offers an interesting reasoning. Commercials presented a new way of communication, direct, faster, with high personalization, and they were able to offer these advantages before the definition of new post-modern concepts like information society, globalization, etc. They always were ahead of the times.

di Paolo Aversano

VW New Beetle

volsw_2A good idea is the starting point of this production by VW New Beetle. The New Beetle is directly connected to the glorious progenitor for design and quality of manufacturing, and it’s likeable! VW decided to speak about the historical connection between these two models by highlighting the evolution they put in practice. The old utility car is a sport car nowadays, it can be equipped with the best accessories available on the market, it’s definitely fashion (and noticeably more expensive).

di Paolo Aversano

The world’s slimmest television

LGThis viral campaign presents interesting points of analysis.
No music, no colors, only a funny guy in a shop who walks in a strange and unusual way. It’s very difficult to understand the purpose of his action, and only in the end the goal is clear.
The use of closed-circuit television cameras offers a different vision of context and movements, and the viewer are motivated to watch the evolution of the story with attention.

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