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USA - Knoxville,Tennessee, 21/01/2009

Presentation of Eoc at the Maryville College, Knoxville, Tennessee

“The Earth, The Environment and You: Three Decades of Progress in the Fight for a New World Ecological Awareness and a Cleaner Planet"

john_mundell1.jpgOn January 21, 2009, John Mundell, President of Mundell & Associates, an EdC earth science and environmental engineering consulting firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., was invited to speak about his work with improving the environment and his company’s involvement in the Economy of Communion in Freedom project, to about 600 freshman and faculty at Maryville College located near Knoxville, Tennessee. 

 Maryville College is a four-year, co-educational liberal arts college founded in 1819; it is the 12th oldest institution of higher learning in the South, and maintains an affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

The title of the talk was “The Earth, The Environment and You: Three Decades of Progress in cmimg-ccm.jpgthe Fight for a New World Ecological Awareness and a Cleaner Planet.”

This presentation briefly reviewed the last century’s evolution of environmental awareness in the industrialized countries of the world, and highlighted the progress being made at arriving at a unifying global environmental ethos. 

In the first half of his talk, John spoke about each of our personal relationships with the environment and the earth, and how those relationships affect our viewpoint and our desire to want to change things for the better.  He then spoke about new technologies being used by his company for imaging and understanding the earth, and methods to clean up pollution. The last half of the talk centered around the history of the EdC, John’s involvement in the EdC, and what impacts it has had on his business, his employees, and the relationships between the company and its clients, vendors, and competitors.  

cmimg-anderson.jpgJohn shared experiences of living the EoC vision within his company, and how this way is really an alternative to today’s prevailing business climate, especially in light of the worldwide economic crisis. The reaction by the students to the talk was very strong, especially highlighted by the inauguration of the new American president the day before the assembly.  Students were eager to listen to a new way of working and living, and the idea of bringing the world closer together by economic activity. Reactions ranged from “I didn’t know something like this was possible.”   To “This gives me hope for a better world.”



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