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USA - West Lafayette (Indiana), 24/04/2009

Presentation of Eoc at Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana, in the afternoon Session of the 7th Annual Geotechnical Society Workshop:

Sustainable, Stable and Equitable Communities:  Near and Far

Friday, April 24, 2009 Purdue_University
Purdue University, School of Civil Engineering
7th Annual Geotechnical Society Workshop
Stewart Center,
Room 214 State Street,
West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.

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Speakers include :
John Mundell , President, Mundell & Associates:  “Running an Earth Science and Environmental Engineering Company with a Social Mission”  
Bernard Amadei , Founder of Engineers Without Borders – USA:  “Engineering with a Human Face”

John Mundell , President, Mundell & Associates:  “Running an Earth Science and Environmental Engineering Company with a Social Mission”

“The talk will focus on the experience of the author in starting, developing and running a consulting engineering business with a commitment to the local and global needs of the poor. The company is part of the Economy of Communion in Freedom, a worldwide network of over 750 small to medium-size businesses in over 50 countries that pool their profits together for targeted support and relief projects for the poor around the world.  In 2007, over 5000 poor throughout the world were provided with food, shelter, work and educational opportunities through the Economy of Communion (or ‘EoC’).  Mr. Mundell will describe the project, the business philosophy behind its mission, and specific activities carried out by his company  including the running of a worldwide EoC International Internship Program for college-age students, whose purpose it is to provide students with a ‘hands-on’ experience that teaches them how to run businesses ethically and with a social mission, while providing technical training in their area of interest .”

Bernard Amadei , Founder of Engineers Without Borders – USA:

Engineering with a Human Face” -“The lecture will present the challenges and opportunities associated with providing solutions to the basic needs of about 5 billion people whose job is to stay alive by the end of the day. Addresssing  today’s developing world problems requires the education of a new generation of globalized engineers working hand-in-hand with local communities, governments, and international development organizations and an engineering profession willing to interact with other disciplines .”



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