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Live streaming from Nairobi 2015: schedules and events

Live streaming schedules are now available so that the events of the EoC International Congress Nairobi 2015 can be followed every day.

Logo Nairobi 2015 ridWherever you are in the world, you can now participate at the International Congress "Say Yes to an Economy of Communion" running from 27 to 31 May in Kenya: the plenary programme will be streamed (in Italian) every day. To access the stream, please click here  or on the logo on the side. The schedules showing live streaming are according to the time zone of Kenya (UTC / GMT +3 hours, one hour ahead the Italian EDT, therefore, 15.00 corresponds to 14.00, etc. in Italy). The schedules are as follows:

27 May 2015  - 15.00 - 18.30 -  Topic of the day: Creativity and Communion. A start in style for the EoC International Congress, it will be an all African programme, at 15.00 on 27 May. After the official opening at 15.00h, you can listen to the President of the Focolare Movement Maria Voce Emmaus and her message to the participants, followed by the greetings from the event host Little Town and a representative of CUEA (Catholic University of Eastern Africa). The conference will start by an interview with Kenyan poet, writer and playwright Ngugi wa Thiong'o, who is considered one of the most prominent authors of African literature.

Following the performance of the Hymn of the Congress, there will be an animation of Formy, made for this occasion, followed by the presentation by the Pan African Commission and some experiences. After the break at 17.40h local time, a presentation by Luigino Bruni will follow with the title: "Innovation and Generativity as Seen by the Economy of Communion". In the late afternoon, the presentation of the workshops will take place.

28 May 2015  - 9.00 - 12.30 -  Topic of the day: The Culture of Communion. During the first part of the morning session Genevieve Sanze will introduce the topic: "The Culture of Communion from the Perspective of the Charisma of Unity". This will be followed by a commentary of Vittorio Pelligra. After the break some experiences will be shared in connection with the topic of the day.

29 May 2015  - 9.00 - 12.30 -  Topic of the dayCompany and Work. Daily work will start by a series of experiences shared on the topic of the day. After the break,
Anouk Grevin and Giuseppe Argiolas will introduce the topic: "The EoC and Governance of Communion Between Already and Not Yet". Tamburi rid 

30 May 2015  - 9.00 - 12.30 -  Topic of the dayPoverty and Wealth. Luca Crivelli will introduce the topic of the day; the title of his presentation is: “Poverty and Richness from the Perspective of Communion”. This will be followed by the sharing of experiences on the topic.

31 May 2015  - 9.00 - 12.30 -  Topic of the daySay Yes to an EoC. The topic will be introduced by a series of experiences of young people. After this, there will be a dialogue chaired by Luigino Bruni entitled: "The EoC Today and Tomorrow". The Closing of the Conference.

Access the live streaming from your mobile devices:

  • For Android phones/tablets - install Dolphin browser
  • For iPhone/iPad - Install Live Media player and navigate to this link

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