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In Portugal and in France, the EoC is in growth (together with the business parks)

In two different parts of Europe, in two EoC business parks, an intensive weekend is about to start again with a great momentum and determination; the first and second generation of the EoC together, towards 25 years of the EoC.

by Antonella Ferrucci

150328 Polo Giosi 01Small numbers, but strong and foundational experiences characterised this past weekend at the Business park Giosi in Abrigada (Little Town of Arc-íris, Portugal) and the Multimedia EoC business park of Arny (Paris, France).

Iolanda Tovar Martins tell us about them: "On 28 March about twenty of us gathered at the Polo Giosi, driven by the desire to make our contribution so that the prophecy of the EoC would also become history in our country. It was a meeting between the entrepreneurs of the first hour of the EoC and some of the young people who participated in the Summer school in recent years: a great combination of experience, loyalty, practicality and a lot of enthusiasm, idealism and desire to change the world, all united by the certainty of having found a real answer to the challenges of the world and their own in the EoC."

She continues: "Through the experiences of the entrepreneurs we covered the story of the EoC in Portugal and we are excited to plan the future together, conscious of being able to offer a great opportunity to offer our countrymen. At the end 150328 Polo Giosi 02 dxof the meeting a working group was formed to continue planning the next steps of this "history" of having clear goals to be pursued and starting with many ideas came out throughout the day: the importance of the development of the business park, the training of workers and managers in the culture of communion, the involvement of young people, the answers to our types of poverty, the spread of the EoC in these regions, etc. ... "

The proposals will be presented and evaluated by everyone in the next meeting that is to take place in a month. In fact, an obvious general need was felt to meet with some regularity so that company life and the commitment at different levels for the EoC should have a space of communion as a point of departure and arrival:  a meeting is now set for the last Friday of each month with a dinner at the business park and...there are already some more young people who also want to participate!

Under the sky of Arny last weekend, however, a different event took place: the inauguration of the Multimedia EoC business park, a long awaited moment, prepared and expected by the French EoC entrepreneurs. Chantal and José Grevin tell us about it: "By visiting the Multimedia Pole 150327 Inaugurazione Polo ridit is now possible to understand what the economy of communion is in just half an hour through a video display that immerses the audience in a virtual meeting with the protagonists of the movement in all parts of the world. For those who want to go further in the accumulation of knowledge, the proposal is to go deeper through interviews with entrepreneurs, experts and the people who already live the culture of giving here."

There were various types of speakers at the event: managers, students, entrepreneurs, economists, heads of associations and individual consumers; not only the virtual exhibition was greatly appreciated but also the opportunity to meet, this time in person, the EoC entrepreneurs and Villaggio San Giuseppe that accepts the excluded, and the experts in economics and management.

The inauguration was followed by one of the usual weekends with EoC entrepreneurs that take place regularly - twice a year - in Arny. Here as well as in Portugal, there wasn't a very numerous presence (26 people),but it was representative of all the EoC realm: entrepreneurs some of whom have joined the EoC in recent times, economists, people eager to serve the spread of the EoC, "poor", thanks to the presence of the founders of the Saint Joseph Village - all of whom were highly motivated to an even broader launch of the EoC, also in anticipation of the 25th anniversary of its birth to be celebrated in 2016. Anouk Grevin, who was present at the meeting, confides: "You can feel a fresh wind that blows very strongly! This gave a deep joy to everyone. "

Prophetic minorities of people with a genuine vocation to the Economy of Communion, real hope for the growth of the project for our Europe of today and tomorrow.




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