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Bangkok, Thailand: life itself is the EoC's specific contribution

The witness of Francis Ganzon during the ‘Asian Conference on the Vocation of Business Leaders’ in early April in Bangkok.

Can a “value-driven” company prosper in a competitive environment?

150409 11 Tailandia 01 ridThis was the main question of Francis Ganzon's intervention at the ‘Asian Conference on the Vocation of Business Leaders’ held from 9 to 11 April in Bangkok, Thailand. It was attended by over 200 delegates from Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and India with some representatives even from Italy.

The intervention of Francis was essentially concerning the EoC as a model adopted by the Bangko Kabayan (of which he is president) in making decisions on expansion and for overcoming the challenges posed by corruption and the daily pressure of competition. It was the only presentation that went into the concrete parts of everyday experience and this was particularly appreciated: many delegates approached him later to express their gratitude.

Let's have Teresa Ganzon: tell us about it: “I was impressed by the sincerity and dedication 150409 11 Tailandia 02 riddemonstrated by the few Catholic leaders in the Asian countries that were represented (they are only 1.5% of the Thai population, for example: the Philippines was the only country with a Christian majority represented at the conference) and I realized that the specific contribution we as the EoC can give is an example of life itself (it is customary in these areas to talk about assumptions rather than experience), showing how faith can operate inside our companies.”

read the  complete intervention of Francis Ganzon (in English)

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