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Argentina: happiness and dreams meet in Alta Gracia

The 33rd meeting of the Economy of Communion in Argentina was held from 25 to 27 April 2014 

by Carolina Carbonell

140427 alta gracia 01

Altogether some eighty people, researchers, students, workers, entrepreneurs and people interested in the EoC gathered during the weekend of 25-27 April in Alta Gracia (Argentina) to participate in one of the annual meetings traditionally organized by the EoC in Argentina.

For this, 33rd occasion, participants came from all over Argentina (Córdoba, Jujuy, Tucumán, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Santiago del Estero…), but also from Paraguay and Mexico - and there were two young people even from Germany.

140427 alta gracia 02The meeting started with a reflection on the vision of man according to the EoC: a man who reconciles economy and communion, aims to help the other person's fulfilment in reciprocity, a lively person with fire burning within and with a strong desire to transform the world; but also a man who thinks of himself as someone poor because only a poor person can help another poor without offending them. We give, therefore we exist. To live in communion is not an option, it is a human necessity, a need for our own fulfilment.

The venue itself with its park and the mountains in the background was very a favourable setting for communicating and listening to each other, getting to know the other who is not always "so much well-known". During the meeting there was a time for sharing which was very simple but reaching great depths. Even the obstacles we meet on our way could be shared, as well as the difficulties and what may eventually be called failures. All circumstances are valuable parts of the way because they belong to personal vocation, everyone's journey towards happiness.

140427 alta gracia 03Just like in Noah's story: the calling to build the ark gives content and truth to the personal calling. The companies and the world are surviving every day because there are people who follow a saving call and respond to it. At least one person. A single person can be enough for a story of salvation. A single person who builds and ark. Someone who creates a work of art, founds a cooperative, a company, a union, an association, a political movement. He creates and takes care of a family, a son, a profession. It is the ark that "builds" Noah. There may be, and there are some arks built with no call, but there must be no calls without an ark built.

140427 alta gracia 04The introduction of the Polo Solidaridad re-activated some dreams and perhaps some vocations, too. Someone said: ‘That hangar in the middle is for me’. Someone else, looking at the design of the houses of the quarter alongside the lagoon, said dreamily: ‘I wish I could come and live in this paradise’.
It is the dreams only that can come true... ‘The dream has to be big so that it won't be lost from sight while we are on our way to it.’ The next stop of this shared journey will take us to Asunción (Paraguay), from 12 to 14 September this year.

Translated by Eszter Kató



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