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Križevci, Croatia - 16-19/10/2014

The 5th Meeting of European EoC Entrepreneurs and Stakeholders will take place in Croatia in October

Growing Together Towards an Economy of Inclusion: the EoC's Proposal

130202 Faro 01 Rid16-19 October 2014
Mariapoli Faro,
Franje Rackoga 32,
Križevci, Croatia – (HR-48260)

Without EoC businesses there is no future for an economy of communion. It is indeed the companies that have the ability and the tools to help others experience the relationships of reciprocity and fraternity in their environment that are making life better for many. The EoC's peculiarity is that it is working in the field, inside the company itself, but it is also thinking about people who seem distant geographically. It works locally but thinks globally. The EoC companies create a universal communion, each starting from their own business, community and from their own country.

To keep it so and make it increasingly true, it is important not to lose sight of a fundamental necessity of EoC entrepreneurs: meeting regularly both locally and internationally to reinforce the belief that it is worth working for something more than the simple satisfaction of material needs of their employees and creating some gains that can be shared with their shareholders.

For this reason, in this coming October, European entrepreneurs will meet in 120204-05 Faro14 Gruppo ridCroatia at the Mariapoli Faro, in Križevci, near Zagreb. It will be the fifth time since 2009 that this meeting takes place (last year it was held in Germany, Ottmaring; in previous years, we met in Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium). The aim is to bring together entrepreneurs from various European linguistic areas – therefore, in the days in Križevci the following languages will be spoken: German, French, English, Italian, Serbian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Thanks to the professors present, the programme will be full of opportunities for exchange of experiences of entrepreneurs and visions of an economy that includes. Moments of dialogue will alternate with moments of work: either directly in the field (in one of the local EoC businesses) or in work groups where participants will be invited to develop ideas and proposals. Here are some of the ideas that will be the guiding thread of the group work:

Mariapoli Faro rid1. What does it take to make an EoC business plan and start-up?
2. Are the Guidelines for conducting an enterprise suitable as a tool to help companies that are in difficulty in saving their adherence to the EoC? (difficulty: the current economic crisis, the harmonization of family and work, lack of motivation and ideas, the generation change)
3. The ways of inclusion of the needy (especially young people) at the local level, in the life of the enterprise
4. The international network of the EoC businesses and the network of communications (cooperation among enterprises, the meaning of the local and national EoC meetings, the use of the tools of information and communication)
5. The spreading of the EoC project and its culture (presentations, mass media, theses, projects and events)

The meeting will see the participation of: Luigino Bruni (Coordinator of EoC's International Commission, LUMSA University of Rome), Anouk Grevin (Member of EoC's International Commission, University of Nantes / France) Benedetto Gui (Member ofImprenditori francesiEoC's International Commission, Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (FI)). There will be many entrepreneurial experiences shared: to cite just two examples, Jean-Louis Plot from France and Koen Vanreusel from Belgium will tell about the collaboration underway for some time, and there will be Belgian and Serbian businessmen, as well as entrepreneurs of EoC companies with headquarters in the Box in Augsburg, Germany, Christine and Thomas Hüttl, Ludger Elfgen. There will be a presentation about the Croatian experience of the Asilo Raggio di sole (Sunbeam Kindergarten) and many more...

Registrations can be made until 15th September. In the meantime, happy summer holidays to everyone from the perspective of "growing together towards an economy of inclusion".

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Until 15th September 2014, by sending theregistration card to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Further information:

Minka Fabjan
Cell: +385 98 243 337
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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