Disarmament is the only true path to peace


Source: United World Project

On 8 March, on the occasion of the 49th Ordinary Session of the Human Rights Council, twenty non-governmental organizations, including New Humanity – of which NetOne is an associate organization – issued a Joint Statement entitled Appeal for Peace in Ukraine.

“War is a scourge. An adventure without return that compromises humanity’s present and threatens its future,” it reads; “War always represents a loss for humanity. No one has the right to make war, but each of us has the duty to build peace”.

The Declaration was released via live streaming by Dr. Maria Mercedes Rossi of the Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (APG23) on behalf of the twenty international NGOs that are part of the Catholic Inspired NGOs Forum (Cingo forum), during the General Debate with the High Commissioner for Human Rights during the 49th ordinary session of the Human Rights Council.

Issuing a joint statement is a significant act, bringing together different organizations around a common goal: highlighting a particular situation or issue or drawing attention to a situation considered to be of general interest. On this occasion, the focus was on the defense of the common good, joint efforts for peace and international cooperation.

In the declaration, the signatory organizations stated that “disarmament is the only true path to peace”, emphasizing the importance of “reaffirming with one voice the ‘no’ to war and calling on states to abandon the logic of arms in favor of a diplomatic solution to the conflict”.

The session opened on 28 February and will end on 1 April. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be accredited to the UN Human Rights Council and take part in the sessions with observer status. They can address the Council during interactive discussions and debates to draw attention to the human rights situation in various parts of the world.

NGOs with consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) can, among other things, submit written statements or make oral interventions at the Human Rights Council.

New Humanity acquired this status in 1987. It has had general consultative status since 2005 and has been recognized as a UNESCO partner NGO since 2008.  

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