Genfest 2024, the contribution of NetOne


In July 2024, Brazil will host the next edition of Genfest, a youth festival of the Focolare Movement whose goal is to present to young people the proposal to build a united world, as Chiara Lubich conceived and inspired thousands of people around the world for eighty years. More than a festival, Genfest is a concrete experience of building human relationships capable of helping people find new meaning in their personal lives and in society.
In 2024, the event-which will be held in the city of Aparecida (in the state of São Paulo)-will have the theme “Together to Care” whose central proposal is to mobilize young people to make their contribution to the life on the planet. In this edition, like the previous one held in 2018 in the Philippines, in addition to the festival, Genfest will feature two other phases. The first is aimed at fostering the social inclusion of young people, who will be able to volunteer in different social organizations throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Phase 3: Community Pathway.

After the second phase, called the central event that will take place at the Congress Center of the Aparecida Shrine, a third phase is planned to which NetOne will make a special contribution. On this occasion, young people will participate in so-called “Community Pathways”, in which they will live a learning experience and exchange experiences with professionals from different fields of knowledge and human activity. The proposal for this third Phase, also to be held in Aparecida, is to foster networks of action with young people around the world inspired by the central proposal of Genfest.
Pathways Communities are meeting spaces where young people can share their talents and passions. They offer opportunities to discover fantastic people, concrete forms of commitment and initiate actions and projects aimed at building a more united world that aim to: respond to the local and global challenges of today’s world; activate processes of personal and collective change; and bring fraternity and reciprocity to all dimensions of human life.
In addition to the Communication and Media group, for which NetOne is responsible, seven other Pathway communities are being organized that address the areas of Economy and Work; Interculturality and Dialogue; Spirituality and Human Rights; Health and Ecology; Art and Social Engagement; Education and Research; and Active Citizenship and Politics.

During the Communication and Media Pathway community meetings, NetOne will present its proposal for a communication culture inspired by the Charism of Unity. There will be moments of experience sharing and a round table discussion on issues related to communication and technology, and a workshop with the aim of providing for the participation of young people whose activities are inspired by NetOne’s cultural proposal and, at the same time, inspire young people to continue this work in their home communities.
In this sense, NetOne hopes to expand its network with the youth who will participate in the Communication Community and Media Pathway of Genfest 2024.

According to Chiara Lubich, one word could define the charism or spirituality of the Focolare Movement: unity. Characterized by being collective or communitarian, Focolare spirituality is based on the so-called priestly prayer of Jesus: “Father, that they may all be one” (Gospel of John, chapter 17, verse 21) and its purpose is to build relationships of unity , harmony and fraternity among people, groups and nations, to make humanity one family, in cultural, social and religious diversity.

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