Nuova Global, new ways of unity in a divided world


Nuova Global Foundation is born, a platform that gathers in networks the editions of Città Nuova in the world and aims at “shaping a united world through the media”. First event, the Unity Conference on 30 November 2021

Source: Città Nuova

A project with a five-year plan and four objectives. This is how Stanislav Lencz, its director, describes the aim of the Nuova Global initiative: to strengthen the New City Magazines and publishers locally, build a global network. New at the local level, build a global network, launch a new media platform for the leaders and create a foundation.

On Tuesday, 30 November, this project marks an important launch stage: the Unity Conference 2021, with the theme Innovate New Ways for Inclusion in a Divided World, which highlighted issues related to building more resilient and inclusive economies, with interventions on social impact investments and the impact of climate change, among others.

The conference also marks the official launch of the Nuova Global Foundation and aims to generate interest from media and entrepreneurs from more than 21 countries around the world.

The event, held on 30 November 2021, was attended online and live at the Centro Mariapolis in Castel Gandolfo (Rome). Margaret Karram and Jesús Morán, president and co-presidents of the Focolare Movement; Rev Kyoichi Sugino and Réka Szemerkényi, economist, board members of the Nuova Global Foundation; Richard B. Tantoco, President and Ceo of the Energy Development Corporation; Olayemi Wonuola Keri, Ceo of Heckerbella Limited.

The Nuova Global Foundation is a newly established platform that connects the global network of magazines and publishing houses. It aims to support the development of media to spread the ideal of universal brotherhood and a united world and make it a reality inspiring millions of people. It serves as a platform that supports the development of media organisations and journalistic projects that bring out global challenges and solutions for the common good and for human development.

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