A generative “In between”

An interdisciplinary seminar to dialogue about a founding object of our humanity

A humble ‘mutual rubbing’ is needed so that in a commonality of life a spark of truth can be ignited. This idea, platonically echoed, was experienced on 27-29 January 2022 through the seminar Interdisciplinary Dialogues on the “between” promoted by the Postdoctoral School of the Sophia University Institute (IUS). The very rich programme saw high-profile scholars and young researchers in a lively discussion across different disciplinary fields – from philosophy to law, from psychology to economics, from sociology to epistemology, from pedagogy to theology – and expressing visions of different cultural matrices from Europe to Latin America.

The programme was developed thanks to the contribution of professors from the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome, the University of Lyon, of Pisa, of LUMSA, of Sassari, of Bologna, of Pernambuco (Brazil), and the Zancan Foundation of Padua.

The ‘gaze’ that opened up, in a play of fascinating cross-references between one discipline and another, expressed with different formal languages, led in an unprecedented way to the knowledge of the same enigmatic but vital object: the social relationship, discovered to be truer to the extent that it allows transform itself from and into a “thirdness” that generates and regenerates it more profoundly.

As part of the seminar, Isabel Gatti, international coordinator of NetoOne, and Cristina Montoya, lecturer at the IUS and coordinator of NetOne Colombia.

Gatti spoke on The ‘between’ as mediation, a perspective for understanding cultural diversity, with a case study, with a case study: ‘Some traces on the relationship between cultures in the life and thought of Chiara Lubich’, while Montoya spoke on ‘The “between” as an emerging relationship and the challenges of the Metaverse.  

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