NetOne Brazil promotes live online broadcasts on communication

Through a series of virtual meetings open to the public, presented moments of reflection on thought and concrete experiences inspired by values such as peace, fraternity and dialogue.

By NetOne Brazil

In the midst of the difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, NetOne Brazil found an opportunity to carry out an action inspired by the values that guide it: the construction of a media culture based on unity and universal fraternity. Between April 2021 and June 2022, six live online broadcasts took place with moments of dialogue on specific topics, whose approaches were directly related to the key ideas of NetOne’s action and thought.

Broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the Focolare Movement in Brazil, these virtual meetings – called a chat with NetOne Brazil – were attended to, not only by professionals, lecturers and researchers in communication and technology, but also by interested people, who interacted with the guests through questions and impressions posted in the chat. In general, the guest speakers presented a brief reflection and/or experience on the topic of their expertise, which was followed by questions and answers, from professionals related to NetOne and from the audience that followed the broadcast.

The first live broadcast, held in April 2021, was presented by some members of our network who recounted their experience of producing the virtual exhibition of the Centenary of Chiara Lubich, held in 2020, which was followed by a brief reflection in the light of the Focolare foundress’ speech at the birth of NetOne.

The other events had the following guests and themes:

– In June 2021, Isabela Reis presented the experience of Grupo Pensar, from Rio de Janeiro, in the field of cultural and audiovisual production.

– The following month, Mariana Assis addressed the topic Best Practices for Respectful Communication in Corporate Social Networks: Experiences in Some Companies.

– In September 2021, journalist and Professor Aldo Quiroga led the dialogue on Communicating Hope.

– In 2022, two sisters, teachers and researcher Rebeca and Raquel Recuero presented, respectively, the topics on Media users and digital culture (May) and Internet and (dis)information: how to deal with it? (June).

Judging from the intense and enthusiastic participation of the audience (from different regions of Brazil) and the feedback from the live broadcasts, the initiative was very well received, both because it was a moment of learning for all, and because it was possible to envision signs of hope in the construction of a media and technological culture based on peace, brotherhood and unity.

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