Book presentation: “Solo por mi nombre” by Cinthia Vega


We are happy to share with you the news from Argentina, from one of the journalists participating in the NetOne cono sur network, of the presentation of the book: “Solo por mi nombre” by Cinthia Vega. It took place on Friday, September 15 in the city of Resistencia. The activity was organized by the city’s Office for Writers and was led by Marina Nill, writer and social communicator, and Avelino Sainar Nuñez, writer, president of the Argentine Society of Writers of the Province of Corrientes and head of Editorial D, the publishing house that published the book. NetOne made possible the streaming of the presentation:
Only with my name
This book is Cinthia’s life story and a documentation of the social work she has been doing for more than two decades. From her childhood in Villa Ángela, to the drama of her health problem that culminated in blindness, to the challenge of adapting in an age without great technological supports, to achieving her goals in spite of everything, to becoming a reference point for other blind and visually impaired people and a pillar of our community. Solo por mi nombre is a testimony to a life and an era worth knowing.

Far from being defeated by circumstances and with the support of her family, she not only prepared herself to work normally, but also became an inspiration and driving force for many who have the same visual limitations. Together with her family, she created the Braille Tifloluz publishing house, which prints materials for libraries and students in the province. She has also worked as a radio producer and host with two programs, “Hablemos en positivo” and “IGUALES en Derecho y Dignidad,” from which she contributes to a more just and participatory society. At the same time, she has charted a course for the autonomy of blind people, being the first in northeast Argentina to move with the help of her guide dog Shaky.
Numerous institutions have supported this proposal: the Leopoldo Herrera Library, in the person of its director MónicaDelgado, the Chaco Institute of English Culture. Dardo Rocha Teacher Training Institute, the Archdiocesan Mothers’ League, represented by its president Silvia Normiela. Also present at the presentation was the director of Radio Universidad UTN-Carolina Orcola, where Cinthia hosts her weekly program along with members of our network in the city and representatives of the Focolare Movement.

Photo / Courtesy of Cinthia Vega, the author.

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