Fraternity in media relations


Communication and IT professionals propose fraternity in media relations. Representatives of NetOne from all over Brazil, announce new projects

The NetOne meeting on Saturday, November 18, showed in-person and online participants how to work for communication that brings fraternity to society. “Who we are and what we want” was the title of the event.

Each participant’s presentation was followed by a recorded interview done by journalist Luís Henrique Marques with sociologist Vera Araújo, one of the first persons responsible for launching this proposal in the humanities. Vera, 83, is one of the Brazilian pioneers of the Focolare Movement (, from which NetOne was born.

The interview highlighted unity as a root and value, and diversity as an indispensable principle in human coexistence. Sociology associates these elements with “Agápico Love” (willingness to give one’s life for others).

Points to question and promote

Critical points in communication emerged: ethical relativism; the spectacularization of life without due respect for the person; competitiveness between professionals and between media groups; overexposure of the private sphere on the networks.
Aspects to be put into practice were also highlighted: ethics and competence as prerequisites for professional performance; valorization of positive facts; the centrality of the human being in media and scientific productions and professional relationships. “It really is an adventure that makes us more human,” emphasized Vera Araújo.

This was followed by reports of experiences along the lines suggested by the sociologist and other virtual and in-person interventions. The statements emphasized the need and urgency of forming groups and a network of coexistence in unity, diversity, and respect for individuality.
There were five in-person and 11 remote participants, including IT, radio and television professionals, advertisers and journalists, from five states and Brasília, present in mainstream media, RevistaCidade Nova (of the Focolare), and universities, public and private sectors.

The meeting was held from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. In the afternoon, five members of the NetOne National Commission, at the Focolare headquarters in São Paulo, planned communication workshops for Gen Fest 2024 (, as well as the schedule of NetOne activities in Brazil for the coming year.

Andréa Moreira e Marcello Riella Benites

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