Peace requires the primacy of love, a contribution by Pal Toth

Today the world finds itself with ongoing wars in various contexts. It has been announced that these
will be joined by others. Technologies continue to fuel this race for the most powerful weapons of
extermination. Artificial intelligence, with little or no regulation, maintains this machine of
As a network that seeks to make a contribution to universal fraternity, NetOne is engaged in
promoting a culture of peace, and that is why we would like to propose Pal Toth's talk at the
November 19, 2022 event, on the necessary skills to foster social dialogue as a contribution to
generating practices that-perhaps like a drop of water on the stone-can offer alternatives that add
up to the common good of the larger human family.
Pal Toth, a Hungarian, is an expert in communication theory, a professor at Sophia University
Institute, and has been promoting various multipolar dialogue projects in Europe for several years,
particularly to foster encounters between the peoples of Eastern and Western Europe.

The clip of his presentation

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