Light in the amasseria Roberto Moliterni, Saverio D'Ercole

We share the news of the presentation of this book, which is based on the story of the TV film premiered on Sunday, January 7 in prime time on Rai 1-a production of the Èliseo Entertainment.
Saverio D’Ercole one of the authors is a member of our network.
Matera, in the early 1960s, walks in unstable equilibrium between two worlds, that of the past,
linked to the land, which has resisted identically for decades, and that of the future, and of a much
larger and more distant Italy, which arrives inside homes, thanks to the breath of a miracle-scented
twenty-new: television.
The Rondinones have been farmers for generations, and their lives have always been played out
around the family farm. While Pinuccio, the little boy of the house, discovers the magic box of
television, which begins to spread even in that southern town isolated from the rest of the country,
where time seems immobile, progress and adversity come instead to disrupt the life of the family. It
is precisely Pinuccio’s eyes that will tell us of grandfather Eustace’s bewilderment in the face of the
looming future, his mother’s sacrifices, his sister’s aspirations, and his aunt’s temptations to go to
work in the factory or to emigrate, as well as his cousins’ desire to remain all united on the farm. And
above all, Imma’s dream of a pure love and the hopes of Vincenzo, her favorite lover, forced before
anyone else to understand that the only way not to change is to agree to do so. It will be thanks to
him and Pinuccio’s passion for television that the Rondinon family will find a new balance.
The story that inspired the film of the same name to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the
birth of RAI is not only a tale about the power and salvation of affection, but also a dive into those
black and white years that colour our memory.
Roberto Moliterni was born in 1984 and grew up in Matera. He has published a dozen essays and
novels. These include Arrivederci a Berlino Est (RaiEri, 2015), La casa di cartone (Quodlibet, 2018)
and La diva (HarperCollins, 2022). As a screenwriter, he has written documentaries and fiction films.
He has been a columnist for “Donna Moderna,” “Paese Sera” and “Il Quotidiano del Sud,” He writes
for “Confidenze.” In 2014, together with two friends, he created the first Materane play cards.
Saverio D’Ercole was born in Matera in 1965. A creative producer and author, he has worked for
fourteen years for Lux Vide, collaborating at the production of TV films miniseries and TV series for
prime time on Rai 1 and chanel 5. Since 2010 he has been head of drama at Èliseo Entertainment,
with which he has signed Adriano Olivetti, La strada di casa, Io sono Mia, Black Out, among others.
He has also been a lecturer at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan, as part of the
Master’s program of fiction and cinema writing and production.

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